About Me

Hey, wuzzup? Welcome! Here you can find out more about me (exciting stuff, huh?). There isn't a person alive who would care in the least bit about me, but I decided to put up this site just for the hell of it. For starters, my name is Nikos Tsougarakis. I live near dallas,Texas and I'm a junior at balch springs piss pool . . . I mean, High School. I'm sixteen years old and 6'2", with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes.!

Anyway, on with the mofo show...

As you might guess, music plays a key role in my life. My fav radio station is kissfm, pumping out 100,000 watts of the Active alternitave format (a combination of Alternative, pop, and a little Metal) from as on the Internet. Some of my fav groups are 3eb (duh!), Our Lady Peace, Eve6, Live, KoRn, TOOL, MetallicA, Finger Eleven, Cowboy Mouth, Everclear, Seven Day Jesus, Bleach, Collective Soul, U2, Big Wreck, Candlebox, Faith No More, Cake, Local H, Caroline's Spine, Green Day, R.E.M., CREED, Fuel, Barenaked Ladies, the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Sublime, Stabbing Westward, FILTER, Oleander, Godsmack, Type O Negative, Bush, Rage Against the Machine, the Deftones, 311, Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Seven Mary Three, and about a million others.

I enjoy writing short stories and poetry. I go to the movies all the time. Reading, surfing the net, and writing webpages interest me too. I enjoy mainly role-playing video games and flight sims. My fav RPGs include Final Fantasy III (VI Japan), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and my absolute favorite creation of all time, Final Fantasy VIII. In fact, the reason this site is so out-of-date is because I play FF8 almost nonstop. Get the impression I'm a Final Fantasy fan? :)

I don't watch a whole lot of TV. I personally don't see much on the tube that interests me. But there are some shows I do watch. I watch the Simpsons because of the little subtle jokes they have in it. Like you might notice on the sign in front of the church: "Loosest bingo cards in town!". Little things like that show you that the shows were written by creative people, and the show doesn't have the same ol' cliché jokes over and over again. Same goes for Futurama. Saturday Night Live kicks ass. I just wish it were LIVE more often. I like That 70s Show too. Don't ask me why, I just do. I like the X Files too. It's pretty obvious why I like that. It's a good sci-fi, with a good script, good actors, and really cool episodes. I think the movie was cool too. I would watch MTV, but they never play any REAL rock! I personally am getting tired of this boy band shit. The Bullshit Boys (if they're REALLY boys) can kiss my hard-rockin' ass! Their songs don't come from the heart; they come from their lower heads. They write them cuz they're trying to get LAID, people! The ONLY thing on their minds, to be frank, is FUCKING! They don't "love" ANYONE, unless she has silicon implants and she's loose. Why do you think NSUCK toured with a slut like Britney Spears? They just write whatever will impress the ladies, because if it impresses the ladies, then the ladies will be dumb enough to buy their sorry-assed album. I want to know why ladies like the Bullshit Boys and LipSYNC just because the ladies think they look good. Well, here's something for ya! Brittney Spears looks good! I HATE her "music"! And the Spice Girls look okay for a bunch of sluts, but you'll never catch me listening to their cheap shit! Die all Bubble-gum pop groups! If I offended anyone, TOO BAD! This is nothing but pure, hardcore, free expression at its finest! So you teeny-boppers can take your Backstreet Boys purses, NSYNC mirrors, and 98 Degrees dildos and shove 'em anywhere you please! Just leave their fucking noise off the radio waves!!!!

My favorite movie of all time is Braveheart. Another fav of mine is Blade, and Casino is pretty good, too. I enjoy all the Star Wars movies. The problem with The Phantom Menace was that the technology seemed more advanced during that time than it did during the last three episodes. Compare those kickass droid troopers to the weak little Storm Troopers, and you'll see what I mean. Script-wise, Episode I just doesn't have the Force. The only scene I enjoyed was the fight with Darth Maul. Anyway, my opinions of some other popular movies follow! MIB is the sorriest excuse for a motion picture I have ever seen in my life. You can find an entire paragraph of my nasty comments on Titanic below. And now for Armageddon! Absolutely NONE of the bullshit they showed could ever happen, period. NASA wouldn't put a bunch of oil drillers in a space shuttle if God Himself told them to. And they never would have launched those shuttles at the same location at the same time. When they jettisonned the big fuel tank thingys, they came within mere yards of hitting one another and exploding, taking the damn shuttles (and oil drillers!) with them! And on the asteroid landing part! There's no way in HELL that any craft could have survived a flight through all that debris, I don't care HOW lucky they are! Ok there, you heard my complaints about today's movies. Maybe filmakers should start making good ones again, and maybe Siskel and fat-ass Ebert should learn to point their thumbs down when a thumbs-down is due!

Titanic's script was just a bunch of repetitive, phony horsecrap! Did anyone else notice that DiCaprio said "Follow me, Rose!" about a hundred times? Did anyone else get bored with the whole thing!? Sure, it was a sad story. Shit. It was designed completely with females in mind. They wish they could find a guy who would be as romantic as he was, right? Well you notice the only guy they feel is romantic enough happens to prefer the company of men! Tough luck, ladies. "Oh, you're so insensitive. The movie was soooooo sweeeeeeeet and romaaaaaaantic!" First off, I'm extremely sensitive, but I don't publish my sensitivity on this page. Secondly, the movie was NOT sweet and romantic. The lead male was interested in the chick's money and her body. That's all he wanted! SEX, SEX, SEX! It was obvious in the movie. You ladies want a sweet and romantic story? Play Final Fantasy VIII. It is one of the best stories I've ever encountered. The main male character, Squall (nice name), is completely changed when he falls for Rinoa, the main female. He starts as an introverted, antisocial punkass who never seems to behave like the teenager that he is and takes everything too seriously. Sounds like an unnamed person I know (*cough* Jerry Martin *cough*). Later, he is completely turned around, and risks his life for her several times, even before he admits his feelings for her. It progresses into a rather lovely story. Why don't more ladies play FF8? They don't think this masterpiece is worth $50. The dumb blonde teenybopper chicks would rather see the movie at the theatre six times ($8 apiece, snacks not included). They would rather buy the "beautiful" soundtrack (wave byebye to a greenback with Jackson on the front!). They would rather buy the movie (another Jackson for VHS, closer to $30 for DVD). They would rather buy stupid posters and other accessories at various prices. YOU do the math. Now back to that "beautiful" soundtrack. "My Heart Will Go On" is an annoyingly repetitive piece of shit. The CD is filled with shitty pop songs and awful attempts at classical. The Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack is also available. It has everything from pop to techno to Gregorian chanting (you know, monks singing in Latin) to classical to cool songs that can't be placed into any category at all. The crown jewel of the 4-disc set is a song called "Eyes on Me", sung by one of the best voices around: that of Faye Wong. In fact, I think I'll post the lyrics up here pretty soon. If you follow the story, the song was written by a woman who fell in love with a man named Laguna. He was led off to war and she never saw him again. The Gregorian song is "Liberi Fatali" ["Children of Fate"]. Since it's a short song, I'll post the translated lyrics:

Wake up, my children,
The cradles are gone.
Wake up, Children of Fate,
The peaceful sleep is over.

Rise up
Search for the Garden of Truth

With fiery truth
Burn off all the deceit of the world
With fiery truth
Light up the dark world.

Goodbye, children,
The next moment of meeting is the moment of fate.

Fitting, seeing that none of the most important characters is over the age of 17, yet they all must shed their immaturity and save the world. Anyway, there's a techno song that is Laguna's theme. Then there are scores of other well-made themes. If you're willing to put in some effort and use your brain to help you through a game that probably requires more strategy than chess, you will be well-rewarded. Who said I wasn't a sensitive guy? I love this story. And I'm admitting to the ENTIRE WORLD that this mean, antisocial, angry, tough, punkass teenage male almost cried at the end of the game. If it can make a tough guy cry, think what it can do to all you crazy people who bring entire boxes of Kleenex when you go see your movies.

I know most of you are pissed about what happened in that school in Colorado. What pisses me off is that just about NO ONE gives a rat fuck what Milosevic did in Bosnia and Kosovo. Thousands of Muslims die in a Holocaust-like ethnic cleansing campaign, and the politicians are chicken-shit to do anything about it (thank you, Bill Clinton! *sarcasm* Who needs ground troops!?). Just over a dozen people die in a school in Colorado, and politicians scream for stricter gun laws and a drastic increase in school security. How ironic. JUST BECUASE Kosovo doesn't happen to reside somewhere between California and Maine doesn't mean the place doesn't exist, YOU DIPSHITS! Muslims are people too! Instead of watching hours of coverage on CNN and MSNBC of people crying in front of a high school, let's learn about what went on in Kosovo! Which would you rather prevent: the occasional psycho killing a dozen, or the occasional militaristic tryant killing THOUSANDS!? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! On another note, most hate people that prejudice against others for skin color, religion, social group, and all that jazz. What pisses me off are people who have started saying people who wear black clothing, Marilyn Manson tshirts, trench coats, and other stuff are evil because of this incident. Maybe it's just in my school that people have started shitting bricks about this group. Well, those of you who don't like harmless groups that dress differently than you and listen to heavier music are discriminating. It seems like you are the pot calling the kettle black. Because two certain psychos happen to commit an act of violence doesn't make everyone who wears black clothing evil. No, I'm not one of those people, because I knew you were thinking it. I occasionally wear black tshirts, and my website background is black. That's ALL.

I'll write more when I get in a bitchy-enough mood. Later.